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Machining - From Solid Five Axis

Bulwell has developed, and innovated, a method of manufacture for complex components without the use of welding or casting.  This advanced prismatic machining technology has been designed to meet the global industry demand in Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, for design optimisation, lighter component weight, flexibility and reduction in lead time and start-up costs.

Advantages of Machining From Solid:

  • Save an average of 40% in weight over cast products
  • Wall Thickness: 1mm with close tolerance machining
  • Design Flexibility: modification possible within days
  • Reduction of Non Recurring Cost
  • Manufacture of one-off part with economical production cost
  • Reduced Lead-Time:  only several days from Design to Delivery
  • Eliminates porosity, X-Ray testing and Weld Failures
  • Increased consistency and accuracy on profile and dimensions added to longer product life