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Machining - Water Jet

Bulwell has expanded its dedicated water jet facility through the purchase of a 4 metre by 2 metre machine and continues to develop this capability for use on new applications.  The conventional applications of water jet are confined to the better utilisation of materials, this being specifically relevant when dealing with hard metal engine components in exotic materials.  Bulwell has extended this use to produce a machine finish on component surfaces, often to very tight tolerances not only for engine, but also for aerostructure applications.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

  • Reduced machining costs
  • Improved material utilisation
  • Cutting of hard materials
  • Coating removal
  • Lead time reduction

The ranges of materials and thickness' that may be cut by this process are extensive:

  • Low strength and thin materials can be cut without deformation due to the low mechanical forces used
  • Hard and strong materials can be readily cut due to the hardness of the abrasive (for example: Tungsten alloys; Nickel and Cobalt alloys; Ceramics etc)
  • The thickness of materials to be cut ranges from 0.2mm to approximately 75/100mm